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The IP-4G is a complete Asterisk Appliance with combination of GSM and VoIP. It is an embedded open source Linux system with built-in SIP/IAX2 proxy server and NAT functions.It provides a solid, uniform platform for Mobile and VoIP communications.
Targeting for SOHO user and SMB market with an easy to use graphical interface, ATCOM GSM IP PBX provides a cost-saving solution on their telecommunication/data needs. With these devices, company with branch offices in different countries can be easily combined together to work like a virtual single office through internet and GSM network

Save Cost for daily communication of SOHO/SMB enterprise

Based on ATCOM IP PBX, multi-branches at different location can be collaborated like a single virtual office on internet, all voice commnucation happen internally. And the completed outbound dial map allows user to prioritize how local, long distance, international calls to be routed for least cost external purpose. For example, user may want to route the long distance calls or international calls through a specific provider.

Easy to deploy and manage via web-based configuration interface

Based on ATCOM IP PBX Version 3.0 firmware, plenty of practical features and functions are available, and can be easily configurated by Web GUI. And each user is provided a unique Web portal interface to manage specific functions relative to their call preferences.

Modular design

ATCOM IP PBX is modular-design IP communication platform, multi-type interfaces can be equipped flexiably for different office communication applications, such as FXO module,FXS module, GSM module etc.

No licence fees in lifetime

ATCOM IP PBX is scablable without licence fees





Product Specifications  
  • CPU: 400MHz Blackfin 533 Chip
  • Flash: 256 MB
  • SDRAM: 64MB
  • LEDs x 17
  • Programmable Reset Button
Module configuration
  • Slots for modules :4
  • GSM module: G01
  • 2 X RJ45 ports
  • 1 X Power port
  • 1 X RS232 port
  • 4 X SIM card interfaces
  • Power Input:DC 12V/2000 mA


IP04 The IP04 is a complete Asterisk Appliance with four FXO or FXS module.
IP-2G4A          The IP-2G4A is a complete Asterisk Appliance with combination of GSM and Ananlog channels.
IP08 The IP08 is a complete Asterisk Appliance with eight FXO/FXS ports.
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